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Ruffled Baby Bottle Cover
{Lyn's Designs}

(fits 4 oz. bottle)

Materials: Baby Pompadour Yarn F Hook For bottom: ch 4, join to form ring. 1} ch 2, 11 dc in ring, Join. 2} ch 2, 2 hdc in each stitch around, Join. Side: 3} ch 2, 1 hdc in back loop of each stitch around. Join. body: 4} ch 2, 2 dc in same st (so there are 3 sts now). * sk 2, sc in next, sk 2, 5 dc in next (shell made). repeat * around, ending with 2 dc in the same space as the beginning ch, (so there are now 5 sts). Join. 5} ch 1, sc in same st, * 5 dc in next sc, 1 sc in center of next shell, repeat * around. join. repeat this pattern for a total of 5 more rows. (having 6 rows total). Edging; ch 2, 1 hdc in each st all the way around. Join. Slip an elastic hairband ( matching/similar color) over bottom of bottle cover and on up to the top. Then, pick up loop, and do a sc in each st around, over the elastic band. Join Ruffles; ch 3, sc in next st, * ch 3, sc in next st, all the way around. Join sl st into the next loop, ch 3, sc in same loop. * ch 3, sc, ch 3 , sc in next loop (so you have 2 sc in each loop around). Repeat all the way around. Join. End off. Weave in ends. ~Lyn's Designs~ (\0/) 1987

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