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Patchwork Preemie Blanket
{Lyn's Designs}

{measures 15x20}

Materials: Scraps of Baby Sport Yarn {assorted colors/ leftovers} size F Hook 1. ch 10, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, 1 hdc in each ch across. (8hdc not counting the chain). 2. ch 2, turn. 1 hdc in each stitch across. do 6 rows of one color. end off. {1 color square made}. 3. attach new color, repeat row 2. ** continue til you have 8 color squares per strip. {I alternate 1 solid color with 1 varigated on each strip. but any combination is fine}. Make 5 strips of 8 squares each for the Preemie size. attaching strips : ~ZigZag stitching~ match up squares on each strip... attach yarn in corner of 1 strip to secure. - holding 2 strips together, sc in row one of square 1, ch 1, sc in 2nd strip's same row , then ch 1, and sc in 1st strips 2nd row, ch 1, sc in 2nd strips 2nd row, and so on, creating a zig zag effect. {it gives it a lacy look to the joining}. work to the end. once done, you can smooth this out and it will lay flat. you can do a SC border, or a HDC border. I used a V-st border on this one. ** a V-stitch is; 1 dc-ch1-1dc all in same stitch. 1. starting in corner of blanket, attach yarn, ch 3, dc same sp, (1st V-st made). * sk 2 sts, V-st next st, repeat from * across top. (16 V-sts) not counting corner st. on the corner, do a 1½ V-st ...which is (1dc-ch1-1dc-ch1-1dc in same sp) this allows the V-sts to corver around the corner. continue down the side in V-sts spacing the V-sts approx every other row. (25 Vsts on the side). next corner make a 1½ V-st, repeat from * around. end with 1dc in first corner, ch 1, sl st to join 1st V-st. 2. sl st to center of next V-st, ch 4, dc same sp, * V-st in each V-st across to next corner, in corner put a ch 1 between the 2 corner V-sts. repeat from * around. join. end off. weave in ends. ~Lyn~(\O/)~angelcraftsİ1989

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