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Diaper Set
{Lyn's Designs}

(fits approx. a 0-3 month baby)

Materials: F Hook Pompadour Baby Sport Yarn in; "Blue Frost" 4 oz. "Shaded Blues" 1 oz.. Diaper Shirt Ch 48 - Row 1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 6 ch, 3 hdc in next ch (corner) 1 hdc in next 7 ch, 3 hdc in next ch (corner made) 1 hdc in next 14 ch, 3 hdc in next ch (corner made) 1 hdc in next 7 ch, 3 hdc in next ch (corner made) 1 hdc in last 7 ch, ch 2, turn. Row 2: 1 hdc in each st across , putting 3 hdc in each corner. ch 2, turn. Row 3-5: repeat row 2. Row 6: 1 hdc in each across front to first corner, (for arm hole) ch 10, sk sts in between 1st & 2nd corner, then 1 hdc in center of 2nd corner and in each st across to 3rd corner, ch 10, sk sts between 3rd corner and 4th corner, 1 hdc in center of last corner and in each sts to the end. ch 2, turn. Row 7: 1 hdc in same sp, (ch 2 acts as first hdc), * sk 2, 3 hdc in next st, repeat from * around, ending with 2 hdc in last st. ch 2, turn. Rows 8-17: 3 hdc in next sp, and in each sp across to end, ending with 2 hdc in last sp. ch 2, turn. **(Rows will alternate with ending with 2 hdc in last st)** TRIM: do 2 rows of sc evenly spaced all the way around, remembering to put 3 sc in each outer corner. ch 1, turn. TIE: on rnd 2, sc to the front of the shirt, at row 5 of bodice (on both sides) ch 36, sl st in each ch back to beginning sc, then continue sc around to the other side (this makes the tie on the front) same for other side at row 5. Small Flower: (make 2) ch 4, sl st to form ring. * ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, sl st into ring, repeat 4 more times (5 petals). fold corner of shirt front neckline down, sew 1 flower to each side, going thru all thicknesses. Sleeves: Row 1: attach yarn in center of armhole, underarm, ch 3, 2 hdc in same sp, * sk 2 sts, 3 hdc (3 hdc shell) in next st, repeat * around. join with sl st to beginning ch. Row 2: sl st in next 2 sts, to the next sp, ch 3, 2 hdc in same sp, * 3 hdc in each sp around (thats the space between the 3hdc shells) ...join with sl st. Row 3-7: repeat row 2. end off.
* * * * * * * * * *
Diaper Cover for waist band: Row 1: ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook, and in each ch across, (in back loops ONLY) , ch 1, turn. (5 sc on each row). ***** repeat for 78 rows. on last row, ch 3, turn. cover: Row 1: then working along one side, * dc evenly across, ch 3, turn Row 2: dc in each st across, ch 3, turn. Row 3: dc in ea across, then join to other side with a sl st, now work in rounds. Rnd 4-8: ch 3, 1 dc in each st around. join. ch 3, do not turn. continue in rounds. for crotch: Row 9: sl st in next 4 sts, ch 3 turn. Row 10: 1 dc in next 8 sts, ch 3, turn Row 11-15: 1 dc in each st across. ch 3, turn. Row 16: center crotch piece with equal number of stitches on each side. whip stitch to front of diaper cover. Legs: (on both leg openings) attach yarn in any st., ch 1, do 3 rows of sc in each st around, evenly spaced. Back of waistband: attach yarn in corner of waistband, sc down back opening, & up other side make a loop approx. 3 sts from top by " ch 4, and sl st back into same beg sc, and then continue sc to end. fasten off. (button loop made). sew on button. ~Lyn's Designs~ (\0/) 2002

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