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Christening Gown
{Lyn's Designs}

* for Newborn*

Materials: 7 oz. Pompadour Sport Weight Yarn F hook Satin Ribbon, Applique, 2 small buttons Pattern is done in Shell Stitch and V Stitch. * Shell st is {5 dc in same space} *V st is {1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc in same space} Neckline { worked as a square neckline} ch 42 , (40+2 to turn) then sc in 3rd ch from hook, across. ch 2, turn. *** for the neckline (this row ONLY) , keeping in mind this is to appear like a square.... Row 1: hdc in next 5, 3 hdc in next (corner) beg ch is 6th st. hdc in next 6, 3 hdc in next (corner} hdc in next 12, 3 hdc in next (corner) hdc in next 6, 3 hdc in next (corner) hdc in last 7 stitches to end. this side has 7 sts because it overlaps for the buttons. ch 2, turn. Click here to ENLARGE image Row 2-5: ( or desired rows for proper size) ***do 1 hdc in each st across, always putting the 3hdc in the center stitch of the previous group 3 corner. ch 2 and turn at end of each row.*** Row 6: for arm hole ; hdc in each st to corner, ch 8, skip sts in between to the next corner, hdc in that corner. hdc in each st across front, to corner, ch 8, skip sts between, to next corner, hdc in that corner. hdc to the end. (arm holes are now made). ch 2, turn. Row 7: hdc in each st around, including the ch 8 st under arm, ch 2, turn. Row 8: repeat row 7 to the end, but do not turn, instead ch 1, and then join to the other side with a sl st in the ch 2, you will now be working in rounds. Row 9: 2 hdc in each st all the way around. join. always ch 2 for a new row. Row 10: (pattern row of gown) ch 3, 2 dc in same st (half shell made). sk 2, ** V st in next, sk 2, 5 dc in next (shell) ... do this ** all the way around, ending with 2 dc in space with the half shell, then join with sl st to top of chain. Row 11: ch 3, 2 dc in same space, V st in next V st, 5 dc (shell) in top of next shell...all the way around. join. Continue Row 11 til desired length. I made mine 21 rows long. For Sleeves : attach yarn in middle, underarm, in any stitch. (one of the original ch 8) ch 3, 2dc in same sp, sk 2, V st in next, sk 2, 5 dc in next (shell) ... following same pattern as skirt. work around and join. make 6 rows for the sleeves. or desired length. Row 7: ch 3, sk 1 st, hdc in next, ch 1 sk 1 st, hdc in next all around. join. end off. (this is the ribbon row). Neckline Finishing: attach yarn in V st of the back opening. sc evenly all around, to last side, on the side with the extra stitch (overlap side) make a button loop by ch 3, sc in next st. (make one at top and one mid way down). can do a ch 4 'if' you are planning on using larger buttons. sc to end, join. end off. Bottom Trim on skirt: ch 3, 5 trc in same sp, sc in V st, 9 trc in top of next shell, all around. join. then on final row, ch 1, sc evenly all around , putting 3 sc in top of trc shell ( 5th trc). join. end off. Sew on Applique to front. weave satin ribbon thru the sleeve ends, tie bow. weave satin ribbon thru bodice from front, around, and tie a bow in front, leaving a long length of ribbon hanging down. sew buttons on back. ** additional trim** sometimes I like to make a ruffle around the neckline or around the sleeve area and bodice. between rows 5 & 6 attach yarn, and work a ruffle around ...start at back opening working around the front and to the back on other side. end off. ruffle is: ch 3, sc in next, ch 3 , sc in next. I like to use the front loops to attach my ruffle in. ~Lyn's Designs~ (\0/) 1985

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