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Baby Mittens With Thumb
{Lyn's Designs}

Fits approx. 3-6 months.

Materials: F hook Baby Sport Yarn approx 1/2 oz. Satin Ribbon (for ties) Row 1: ch 17, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each st across. Row 2-10: ch 1 , turn. sc in each st across, in back loops only, creating the ribbed effect. Row 11: (for thumb) ch 1, sc in 8 sts, ch 5,(thumb), turn. Row 12: sc in 2nd ch from hook, and back across 4 sts, in back loops, and then sc in back loops of remaining sts to end. Row 13: ch 1, turn. sc in each st across.(back loops thru-out. Row 14-18: repeat row 12. (this is the thumb). Row 19: ch 1 , turn. sc in 8 sts across thumb section, ch 8. turn. Row 20: sc in 2nd ch from hook, and across chains and remaining stitches to end. Row 21-28: ch 1, turn. sc in each st across, always in back loops) end off on last row. **leave approx. 20" tail. use this tail to stitch up side of the mitten, secure here, and then continue, being sure to stitch up and over the thumb area and up to the top .... go around top of mitten, by weaving in each stitch at top and pulling ight and tie off. turn inside out. weave satin ribbon thru stitches on rnd 5, at wrist and tie into bow. **(may also use a matching crochet chain for ties). ~Lyn's Designs~ (\0/) 2002

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